Sabak Translation Services
Andrew Sabak, 
MIT '71

Founded 1985
Technical translations and localization
Proud member of American Translators Association
ATA- certified for translations from Russian to English

Specialties: Math, sciences, business, history
Fairmont, WV
304-612-4520 (cell phone, instant access)
800-296-2202 (toll-free, leave message)


Translation of books, articles, and websites from Russian to English. Quality work. No job too difficult!

Subject areas translated (a partial list):
  • Mathematics & statistics
  • Physics
  • Computers
  • Electronics
  • Physical sciences
  • Engineering
  • Patents, trademarks, & copyrights
  • Contracts
  • Financial statements
  • Business
  • History
  • Orthodox theology
  • Family correspondence
  • Specializing in source material that is almost impossible to read. (Our motto is "Never give up!".)

Past Clients include:
  • Joint Publication Research Service (federal agency)
  • Naval Intelligence Service (federal agency)
  • Morgantown Energy Technology Center (federal installation)
  • Plenum Publishing (publisher of Soviet journals in translation)
  • Russian Orthodox Church, Moscow, Russia
  • Russian pro-life organization Zhizn'
  • Carpatho-Russian Ethnic Research Center
  • .... and many others!


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My book on Research on Chemical Lasers!

These are some websites/webpages I have translated from Russian into English: (and am working on more)


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